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• Tested Free or Pedigree Free of AM, NH & CA
• Tested negative for BVD-PI
• Complete performance data, EPDs, and ultrasound data
• Fertility-tested and Trich-free


Mike and Connie Mallett (Mallett Simmentals)
Mike Mallett • 512-556-1021

Jim and Connie Newsom (Tex-Ann Cattle Co.)
Jim Newsom • 817-219-0259

Mike and Katrinka Bartush (Bar B Simmentals)
Mike Bartush • 940-736-6083

Offering Black Performance-Tested, Purebred Simmentals and SimAngus

All bulls are backed by breeding programs built on many years of selection
for performance traits that are important in today's industry.
All of our bulls are developed at one location and under the same environment.

Choice Black Purebred Simmental and SimAngus bulls that will be 14 to 18 months old.  These bulls are coming from the Central Texas Simmental breeders.  These breeding programs are built on many years of selection for the performance traits that matter to the real cattleman.  Ultrasound, EPD’s and performance data will be available on sale day.  Bulls have tested free or are pedigree free of AM, NH & CA and tested negative for BVD-PI and are Trich free.  A good set of top quality bulls that will add additional growth, muscle and pounds to your calf crop.  Bulls will be at the Jordan Cattle Auction sale facility in San Saba on the afternoon of March 11 for viewing.  Also, the bulls can be seen at PX Feeders at anytime. For more information give us a call, Mike Mallett at 512-556-1021 or Jim Newsom at 817-219-0259.

The Cattleman's Kind

The Cattleman’s Kind, features a group of like-minded Simmental breeders, who market their bulls collectively through Jordan Cattle Auction. The upcoming offering represents the eighth set of bulls and will be from the Texas herds of Tex-Ann Cattle Co., Granbury; B Simmentals, Muenster; and Mallett Simmentals, Lampasas.

These programs have very similar performance philosophies and performance traits are strongly emphasized in each program.

The bulls are developed at PX Feeders, in Evant and are put through a 30 day warm up period starting in September and are started on test in October. Complete performance and test data is provided to prospective buyers.

The group is very selective about the bulls they put into the test for inclusion in the sale. They are like-minded when it comes to selecting bulls with marketable birth weights, weaning weights and they also pay attention to carcass merit traits.

The Cattleman’s Kind gives commercial breeders an opportunity to select Simmental and SimAngus bulls from some of the most popular bloodlines in the breed. Each of these individual programs utilize AI extensively and strive to present a balanced set of bulls that can provide growth traits, hybrid vigor and carcass traits to cattlemen.

“We feel the Simmental breed has a lot to offer and by combining our resources, we feel we are offering a diverse set of bulls, but yet uniform and very alike in quality and performance,” says Mallett.


Lot 1 - 320A
DOB 9/7/13 l Reg # 2861427

Lot 4 - 336A
DOB: 10/24/2013 l Reg # 2861437

Lot 6 - 332A
DOB 9/30/2013 l Reg # 2861434

Lot 12 - A6
DOB 9/23/2013 l Reg # 2870166

Lot 20 - A10
DOB 10/8/2013 l Reg # 2870179

Lot 21 - A4
DOB 9/20/2013 l Reg # 2870184

Lot 22 - A368
DOB 9/18/2013 l Reg # 2852041

Lot 23 - A364
DOB 9/17/2013 l Reg # 2852037

Lot 28 - A367
DOB 9/18/2013 l Reg # 2852040

Lot 29 - A370
DOB 9/20/2013 l Reg # 2852043

Lot 30 - A369
DOB 9/19/2013 l Reg # 2852042

Lot 32 - A365
DOB 9/18/2013 l Reg # 2852038
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